Saturday, April 7, 2007

TUJ students show their "Tokyo Spaces" in the heart of Harajuku

The morning of April 5th marked the opening of the third edition of a series of exhibitions held by Temple University's multidisciplinary course Neighborhood Narratives offered on the Japan Campus. Under the title "Tokyo Spaces" this event gave students an opportunity to express their perceptions on their surrounding spaces in the megalopolis city of Tokyo. Themes ranged from the ancient to the modern as works explored elements of pop and otaku culture, urban skateboarding, fashion, religion and other more subjectivized forms of art. On April 7th, students hosted an opening party at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku to share their works with other TUJ faculty and students. The course, offered simultaneously at the London and Philadelphia campuses, contemplates to create in the future a digital book with all the participants' work.

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